BNI G.A.I.N.S. profile

Name: Suzan McCreadie
Chapter: BNI Empire
Location: Celbridge, Ireland


What do you really want to achieve?

About 6 rewarding retainer clients, for 3 hours a week each.
Work 3 days in the week for Euro 1000 p/w.
Be a digital nomad with passive income from our properties.


What is the best thing you have achieved to date?

Sold INKFISH digital marketing to it’s new owner with 50 people (incl. apprentices). Internal online digital marketing learning program accredited in SA.
Emigrated twice successfully first as young woman with no connections secondly with teens and through lockdown.
Bought, renovated and sold almost 10 properties in SA and now in Ireland.


What really does it for you?

Inspiring people, make them see possibilities and having them say “that makes so much sense”. A good looking brand and user friendly website makes me happy too.
Creating art, teaching art, forage, interior design, gardening, hosting, staying in different places for a longer period of time.


Where do you spend your time and who with?

BNI, expat & South African groups, women in business networks, anyone interesting and open-minded. I tend to approach people with very few preconceived ideas and like to be treated the same. As a result, my connections and friendships are extremely diverse.
Renovating, my direct family, friends, my online support communities, getting to know new people from different backgrounds.


What is it that you are exceptional?

I have a lot of good ideas as well as networking, they say. For me they are so obvious! Also very good at creating systems and scaling – specifically in marketing.
Seeing opportunities where others don’t. Being honest and really not influenced by popular opinion. Getting things done.

How can I help you by finding you Referrals?

What should I listen out for?
Ask if they have a website… and then ask if they want to talk to me if they say our website is old / not working / outdated. Also, when you hear we’re not good / don’t have time for social media.

What key phrases will I hear?

Are there any visual signs that your Service/Product may be required?

How should I respond to the above?

What are good “In Lines” for you?
I know this BNI member / a Dutch woman / a South African lady etc. etc.
She has years of experience creating user friendly websites and streamlining the social media in a way that is easy and efficient to maintain. Her pricing is very reasonable / she can do a free intro consultation / she can train your team to maintain it / she enjoys working with charities and community organizations.

What and where are your target markets?
Charities, community organisations, small businesses (not start ups unless the owner has been in business before), eco friendly, social businesses.

One reason why people do business for you?
They feel inspired about their own business.

What is your USP?

What professions are in your contact sphere?
Business coaches, IT support, Photographers, content creators, copywriters, graphic designers, virtual admins, printers, web developers, SEO optimisation,

Examples of Bread and Butter referrals?
Existing organisation has mish-mash of branding and online presence and should have it all sorted out and look professional and consistent as well as easy to maintain going forward.

Examples of Cream referrals?
All elements and website in place and requires ongoing support in getting content out.

Examples of Dream referrals?
As above but with an amazing visual product and ethical vision.

Is there anything else that I need to know that will enable me to help you?
Introduce me to as many people as you can – I will use my own magic to convert! Please do not assume they won’t be my type of client.