Profile questions

We would like to gain a deeper understanding of your organisation before we start. Our work should follow your vision and enhance your opportunities, which goes a lot deeper than making things pretty and mobile friendly. This form is not the easiest as it drills down to the core of the business essence to we recommend taking some undisturbed time off to really go through all questions. Please read the descriptions below each open question for guidance.

Please fill in N/A if the specific field is not relevant to your organisation.

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What did the owner(s) do before? What motivated the company to start? What milestones were achieved? How did the services / product offering change over time? How has the company grown otherwise (team, premises, turnover)?
What is the true driver behind what you do and how you do it? This is more that the money aspect of it - what is the ultimate success feeling?
List your products (groups of products) and services.
If it's more of a consultation type work, do you have a process you take your clients through? Please number the steps and sub-steps.
This is usually incorrectly answered. If you sell tools, the problem is not that your customer needs a hammer. The problem is also not that they want a nail in the wall. The REAL problem is that they want to hang a picture. The essence of your clients' problem is a key to the marketing strategy.
What type of clients do you have?
How do your clients find you? More choices possible.
Who is your competition? Please add websites
Consider not just the same product of service, but also who else might be solving the same problem. Add at least 3.
How do they compare? Match the order to the previous question.
Why are you better? Why should they spend time with you and not them?
Imagine your company to be a person, what traits would they have? Serious, kind, happy, cheerful, gentle, down-to-earth etc. etc.
What perspective should be used in writing?
In addition to the character of the company, should a particular style of writing be taken into account? Informative, funny, lighthearted, explanatory etc.